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Lean Blitz Consulting offers continuous improvement business consulting services such as operational/organizational assessment, workshop facilitation, training and coaching events, speaking engagements, and strategy development.

Lean Blitz Consulting provides Lean consulting services and other continuous improvement business consulting through education and implementation of Lean and Six Sigma thinking. We maintain a home presence in Augusta, Georgia but we help companies across the country.

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped companies improve the bottom line:

$700,000 annual cost savings for an international payroll management company through strategic personnel deployment
$168,000 cost savings per week for a major food manufacturer through scrap and machine downtime reductions
$1M revenue gain per year for a major heavy duty truck supplier through improved request-for-quote (RFQ) management process
$400,000 revenue gain per year for a major heavy duty truck supplier through modified marketing management system deployment
$4.3M revenue gain per season for Major League Baseball team through optimized season ticket portfolio and sales program

If we can help companies achieve these breakthrough improvements we can help you.

Need to just talk some things through? Give us a call at (706) 755-3919!

Lean Blitz Consulting Pamphlet (PDF)

Lean Brochure – Lean Blitz Consulting – Sports Organizations (PDF)

Business Consulting & Organizational Strategy Development

While our focus and depth of knowledge is in continuous improvement, Lean Blitz Consulting will partner with leadership on creating a cross-functional operational strategy focused on adding the most value for the customer while also being as effective and productive with available resources.

lean blitz continuous improvement framework

By design, the partnership expectations help us define what adds the most value for customers and sets up our plan for metrics.

Continuous improvement is a philosophy that must be instilled and supported from the top levels of organizations, and because added value is defined by the customer we merge the development of a continuous improvement culture with the acquisition and achievement of customer/partner expectations.

Lean Blitz CI Framework 2015 (PDF)

Operational & Organizational Assessments

Lean Assessment Criteria

During an assessment, we will examine your partnership expectations, resources you’re investing to meet those expectations, and visible sources of non-value-added activities.

Following along with the Continuous Improvement Framework, we will provide a one-day (dependent on organizational size) on-site assessment based on the identification of the following:

– customer value/partnership expectations
– establishment of success metrics from those expectations
– measurement of resources invested in meeting partnership expectations
– non-value-adding/inefficient activities that consume resources but provide no value
– prioritizing of key business processes
– leadership evaluation for preparedness in handling long-term strategy of continuous improvement
– methods of communication up and down the value streams
– key business process ownership

This assessment is conducted before even setting up a consulting plan or improvement strategy. Much like using a map, we need to know where we are and where we’re going before defining the journey we take.

Lean Blitz Consulting – Assessment Process (PDF)

Lean Blitz Consulting – Assessment Report Example (PDF)

Workshops & Event Facilitation

It’s highly likely that the assessment report will recommend rapid improvement events with access to process owners, in which case event facilitation would be necessary. Lean Blitz Consulting can provide workshop and event facilitation through projects pre-defined by the client or by those recommended in the assessment report.

Training, Education, & Coaching

Lean Blitz Consulting is able to provide presentations and white-labeled training materials for internal education and facilitation. We can develop an internal continuous improvement training program that brings awareness to the possibilities using continuous improvement to the top levels while also teaching front line leaders the tools and tactical applications of continuous improvement.

Speaking Engagements & Presentations

Chad Walters has presented on multiple topics to groups large and small, with visual projection and handouts and without. Chad is able to cover introductory and educational continuous improvement subjects that are semi-scripted and planned as well as facilitating question-and-answer sessions with managers and front line leaders. His presentations are intended to demonstrate the value of using continuous improvement techniques to bring processes into the future and serve customers better.

If there are any questions or thoughts about these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email.

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