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January 2012

The NBA, The Sports Guy, and Aversion To Change
Bill Simmons of shows how the NBA is loathe to change.

Lean And The Profit Equation
Lean helps cut costs AND raise revenues. Here’s how.

Dennis The Menace And The Importance of Standard Work
A Dennis The Menace cartoon shows why standard work is important.

Oh No! Wastes! Now What Do I Do?: The Lean Tools Primer
A quick look at some of the Lean tools used to reduce waste activities.

Lean Is Good Customer Service
How does Lean demonstrate meeting customer expectations?

Evansville’s Ford Center: Three Events in 24 Hours
A time-lapsed video showing setup and teardown of an arena for three major ticketed events in 24 hours.

What Moneyball Shows Us About Sharing of Best Practices
A follow-up to what Moneyball shows us about Lean.

How A Pop Top Can Lid Is Lean
How is the design of a pop top can lid demonstrating Lean?

Cold Calling: The Pursuit Of Happyness
The movie The Pursuit of Happyness showed an example of minimizing process waste.

Wait, There Are More Wastes?
Besides the eight Lean wastes, what else gets wasted?

Spotting Wastes At The Stadium: Concessions
Where are the Lean wastes lurking in a concession stand?

The Five Whys: Another Example
The Five Whys can be used as a tool to make sure your mascot and his toys are always ready for game day.

The Five Whys Analysis
What is the Five Whys analysis in root cause analysis?

Lean Is NOT Just About Cutting Costs
Organizations can use Lean to identify new revenue streams or serve customers better and provide greater value.

Finding Waste at the Stadium: A Guest Blog Post for
After a visit to the Baseball Winter Meetings, Lean Blitz provides an analysis of where stadiums have wastes lurking.

8 Wastes – Excess Production
A look at the eighth Lean waste – this time, perhaps the worst waste of all.

What Moneyball Can Teach Us About Lean
The book and the movie Moneyball are both examples of change management in an industry where the old guard is well-entrenched.

Case Study: University of Notre Dame Locker Room “Deep Clean”
How could the lack of 5S tool application and potential for illness have possibly cost Notre Dame’s football team on-field and off-field success?

H&R Block Commercial: Use The Right Tool For The Job
Know what your outcome is supposed to be before determining what tool is most effective.

Goal Setting: Additional Information From Lifehacker
More goal-achieving tools from Lifehacker

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Example #3: Reducing “Stuff”
Using S.M.A.R.T. goals to reduce “stuff” in one’s house or in one’s possession.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Example #2: Save Teams Over $1M In 2012
A S.M.A.R.T. goal set by Lean Blitz for helping teams become more productive.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Example #1: Weight Loss
How can a S.M.A.R.T. goal give you a greater chance for success with weight loss?

What the Indianapolis Colts Can Teach Us About Lean
How did not properly training Peyton Manning’s backup backfire on the Colts and their leadership?

Benefits of Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
What are the benefits of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals?

New Years Resolutions: S.M.A.R.T. Goals
A quick look at what S.M.A.R.T. goals are.

Defects Example – Dallas Cowboys Championship Gear
A look at pre-manufactured championship gear that never sees the light of day because the celebrated team on the merchandise didn’t win.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from Lean Blitz Consulting!


baseball winter meetings

December 2011 – MSG’s “Foxwoods Final Five”
A look at the sponsorship of the last five minutes of a hockey game at Madison Square Garden.

8 Wastes – Excess Motion
An overview of excess motion, one of the eight Lean wastes.

Excess Inventory Example – Christmas Cards
Using a glut of unused Christmas Card inventory as an example of the genuine costs of carrying excess inventory.

Merry Christmas from Lean Blitz!
Wishing all of the Lean Blitz readers a wonderful holiday season.

Production Spikes – Jimmer Fredette Jerseys
The popularity of rookie Jimmer Fredette jerseys caught merchandisers off guard.

What Festivus Can Teach Us About Lean
The famous Seinfeld holiday has some similarities to Lean thinking.

What Santa Claus Can Teach Us About Lean
The Christmas icon shows similarities to Lean thinking.

8 Wastes – Inventory
An overview of excess inventory, one of the eight Lean wastes.

Streamlining of Subjects
Focusing on small businesses and sports organizations instead of home-based improvements, which Lifehacker already does pretty well.

8 Wastes – Transportation
An overview of the Lean waste of transportation.

8 Wastes – New Ideas/Employee Knowledge Loss
One of the more misunderstood Lean wastes, what are the costs of not taking advantage of new employee ideas or loss of employee knowledge?

Grocery Shopping – What You Need To Know Before You Leave
How to not make mistakes by beginning your shopping process right!

Hit Factory: Using Statistics to Create Pop Success
How to use quantified metrics to reduce the risk that a pop song won’t be a flop.

Dear 16-Year-Old Me –
An important lesson on taking care of the most important equipment in your life – your body.

Augusta GreenJackets on Good Morning America
The Augusta GreenJackets got a special visitor to talk with them about office ergonomics and safety.

Baseball Trade Show – The Oyster
An overview of a new invention found at the Baseball Winter Meetings – a machine that will clean your old baseballs to make them look shiny and new again.

8 Wastes – Waiting
An overview of the Lean waste of waiting and the time lost as a result of inefficient utilization.

Baseball Trade Show – Mascot Manufacturing
Looking at ways for waste activities to creep into the manufacture of mascot uniforms.

The Benefit of Small Innovation Teams
A review of an HBR article about the value of small, closely-knit innovation teams.

Baseball Trade Show – Coverage by
Ben Hill of and the Ben’s Biz Blog gave some coverage to Lean Blitz Consulting at the Baseball Trade Show in Dallas.

Baseball Trade Show – Bat Manufacturer
A review of the bat manufacturing process demonstrated by a wood bat manufacturer at the Baseball Trade Show.

Baseball Trade Show – Game Signs
A review of a new product called Game Signs, stickers for catchers’ fingers to better communicate signals to pitchers during games.

Baseball Trade Show – Licensed Merchandise
A review of a discussion I had with a manufacturer of licensed merchandise that is produced overseas and imported.

Baseball Trade Show – Article on
Lean Blitz Consulting was featured in an column for their baseball coverage with David Schoenfield.

8 Wastes – Overprocessing
Overprocessing is excess steps within a process that aren’t needed but absorb excess time and resources.

Time – the Non-Renewable Resource
Time is more valuable than money. Here’s why.

A Lean Discussion With My Grandma
After the Baseball Winter Meetings, I had a chance to talk about Lean with my grandmother.

Defects Example – FedEx Office
How did FedEx Office drop the ball by printing defects, and what were the direct and indirect wastes of resources?

Baseball Winter Meetings – Prologue Recap
A brief check-in from the Baseball Winter Meetings Trade Show in Dallas.

8 Wastes – Defects/Scrap/Rework
An overview of the first of the eights wastes – starting off with defects.

Baseball Winter Meetings in Dallas!
Stop by the Lean Blitz booth at the Baseball Trade Show!

lean blitz element

November 2011

The Eight Lean Wastes – A Primer
A quick rundown of the eight Lean wastes that Lean looks to remove from processes.

Target Audience – Part 2
More identification of the target audience for the Lean Blitz blog.

Target Audience – Part 1
Identification of the target audience for the Lean Blitz blog.

Lean is Common Sense
The first in a series of posts relating Lean to different business functions or ideologies.

Why is Lean Important Today? (A More Fatalistic View)
Explaining why the concepts of Lean are critical to serving customers and remaining competitive.

What is Lean?
A brief definition of the concept of Lean.

Welcome to Lean Blitz Consulting!
The very first post introducing Lean Blitz Consulting, what we do, and what our objective is.


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