Presentation on the Designated Hitter and Root Cause Analysis

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Ron Blomberg Topps Card

Ron Blomberg of the New York Yankees was the very first designated hitter to come to the plate in Major League Baseball.

On Tuesday, February 17th, I will be presenting an analysis of the implementation and impact of the designated hitter in Major League Baseball to the Central Savannah River Section (Augusta, GA) of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

It is a follow-up to my post from April 2013 about the same subject, but with additional data and information sources. In 2013 I used the term “Poor Root Cause Analysis” in reference to Major League Baseball to permit such a stark rule discrepancy between two seemingly-similar halves of a league. What I probably should have said was “Questionable Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Implementation” because it is head-scratching what problem was actually being solved by having a DH for only half of the teams. Many readers and commenters on the original post identified areas of research that needed more attention and consideration, which I have collected and analyzed together for this event.

We’ll look at:

– the original idea of the DH and the “problem it looked to solve”
– the 1973 implementation and the different “problem it looked to solve”
– if the problem was solved and if the DH was what solved it
– what other factors MLB could have analyzed to solve the problem had it appropriately used root cause analysis and proper corrective actions
– how a quality practitioner might have approached the problem.

It’s open to the public – ASQ section members are free to attend the dinner meeting at Red Lobster, and non-members pay a $10 fee.

So, if you’re in or near Augusta and want to learn a little more about baseball history and quality application, plus you’re a fan of seafood, come join us!

Here is a link to the press release.

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