ASQ TV Features Quality in Athletics

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monarcas morelia

ISO 9001-certified Mexican professional soccer team Monarcas Morelia won the Liga MX in 2013.

Last month ASQ TV featured many elements and applications of quality in sports organizations in addition to bringing attention to the ASQ Quality in Athletics special interest group. Here are some of the applications examined:

– A Mexican professional soccer team known as Monarcas Morelia realized in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s that in order for the soccer team (okay, futbol) to best serve all stakeholders (players, fans, and owners) a quality management system needed to be implemented. By focusing on properly recruiting/scouting players, improving the fan experience, addressing safety concerns in the stadium, the team maximized revenues, achieved ISO 9001 certification, and finally won the Liga MX title in 2013 through long-term quality improvement efforts.

More information can be found here in this Quality Progress article (subscription required – sorry).

– Leaders of the ASQ Quality in Athletics special interest group created a special chart for use in evaluating team effectiveness or player development. It is known as the TISCC chart. A link to the chart is here:


More information on how to apply it can be found here.

– Finally, ASQ TV produced a video for the applications of quality in athletics.

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