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charlie brown christmas tree

Muri is Japanese for “overburden”. Muri Christmas!

I have been absent from posting new Lean/continuous improvement content for the last month and a half, for which I apologize. Reasons for this will begin coming out in the next couple of weeks.

However, I want to wish all of the Lean Blitz Consulting readership a happy holiday season and thank each and every one of you for reserving a little bit of your time to check out the content here. Hopefully it has had an impact on your efforts to do things better.

There are three types of inefficiencies that Lean and the Toyota Production System look to eliminate from their processes – the eight Lean process wastes/non-value-added activities (muda), overburden or extra stress (muri), or constant starting/stopping resulting from process imbalance (mura). The Charlie Brown Christmas tree shown above (and in the cartoon) is an example of overburden. (Thank you to Russell Watkins for pointing it out!)

In yet another example of muri, leave it to Clark Griswold to overwork a city’s power grid.

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