Does University Come Before or After the State Name?

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Is it Indiana University or University of Indiana?

How many times have you wondered if University comes before or after a state name when referring to a college? Not many?

Okay, how many times have you heard someone call a school by the wrong name? Even the talking heads at ESPN get confused about it – and they very rarely correct themselves.

For as much belly-aching as folks from THE Ohio State University provide about emphasis on their school’s name, hearing someone screw up saying the name of your school incorrectly is frustrating and somewhat disrespectful.

I provide for you today a .pdf list of the proper names of universities featuring only the name of the state and “University”.

State University Names

Fortunately there are only four schools of formula [State Name]+[“University] – Indiana University just happens to be one of them. When I hear “University of Indiana” it really grinds my gears. Hopefully this will help reduce confusion.

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3 Responses to “Does University Come Before or After the State Name?”

  1. Mark Graban says:

    It puzzles me why it’s the “University of Nebraska,” but they insist on being NU as an abbreviation.

    It totally grinds my hears when ESPN and others abbreviate Northwestern University, my alma mater, as “NW” or “NWU.” We are the original NU in the B1G.

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