Hours Before Marlon Byrd T-Shirt Night, Mets Trade Marlon Byrd

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marlon byrd trade t-shirt night

Tonight is Marlon Byrd T-Shirt Night at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. This afternoon Byrd was traded. Oops. (Photo from Wikipedia)

Today the New York Mets traded outfielder Marlon Byrd to the Pittsburgh Pirates via post-trade deadline waiver claim. Normally these kinds of trades are newsworthy because the Pirates are fighting for a playoff spot and they have now bolstered their offense.

However, this trade is newsworthy for a different, far less Lean-worthy reason.

marlon byrd shirt

Fans at tonight’s game at Citi Field with “t-shirt tickets” will receive a free Marlon Byrd t-shirt…that will now live in infamy. (Photo from Deadspin)

Tonight at Citi Field is Marlon Byrd T-shirt Night. Fans who purchased special t-shirt tickets and come to the game will get this snazzy Marlon Byrd shirt as a souvenir. Unfortunately, Byrd is now no longer a part of the Mets’ organization.

Oops. So now what will the Mets do? Will they look to give away an alternate shirt? Still give these shirts away as collectors’ items?

As an outsider this is pretty funny, but as a Lean guy it’s a head scratcher. After all, it’s not like the Mets were NOT going to hold up this trade just so the shirts were not defective. It’s also hard for the Mets to have predicted that this chain of events would have occurred in the span of 24 hours.

Would it have been possible for the Mets to use a local supplier and have gotten the shirts printed a lot closer to the date of the event so that such scenarios could have been projected? Yes, but financially viable? I’m not sure. And what if the manufacturer/printer broke down within the delivery schedule?

Obviously there are a lot of moving parts here, just for t-shirts. Free t-shirts. But again, better planning and local sourcing could have aided in preventing the error.

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