Wrong Way Through the Gauntlet Machine

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cam mcdaniel notre dame

Notre Dame’s Cam McDaniel learned that the practice gauntlet machine is one way only yesterday. (Photo from UHND.com)

Yesterday ESPN aired footage from fall football practice at the University of Notre Dame, and had coach Brian Kelly wired up with a microphone to catch his commentary. Much to the video crew’s surprise, they caught junior running back Cam McDaniel learning the hard way that the gauntlet machine is one way only.

That looked like it hurt.

In his defense, it does not appear that there is signage on the outside indicating what direction he should enter the gauntlet. The footage is kinda grainy. And it’s not clear if the gauntlet padding indicates that entry can be made from either direction.

Also, why was he allowed to start the exercise from the wrong side of the gauntlet? Why wasn’t the coach aware that this drill was beginning on the opposite side? Running backs coach Tony Alford was excused from practice for a few days as his brother passed away and Brian Kelly took over coaching the running backs. Maybe coach Kelly was also unaware which side to start the gauntlet drill on because visual indicators were unavailable.

Visual indicators can keep you from hurting yourself. Just ask Cam McDaniel.

(H/T to Scott for sharing the link)

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