Toronto Star Article about Buffalo Bisons and Toronto Blue Jays

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The Buffalo Bisons changed their affiliation from the New York Mets to the Toronto Blue Jays before the 2013 baseball season.

Earlier this year I wrote a post about how the New York Mets were changing their AAA affiliate from the Buffalo Bisons to the Las Vegas 51s and that they now have the longest distance between a AAA team and a parent MLB club.

I was interviewed for an article in The Toronto Star about how the Toronto Blue Jays, who became the parent club of the Buffalo Bisons, would reap the benefits of having their next-level minor league affiliate in such close proximity. From the article:

But a nearby affiliate means that when injuries arise the Jays no longer have to summon reinforcements from a destination that is three time zones and 3,150 kilometres away. Reducing time spent waiting for call-ups reduces the games played short-handed over the course of a 162-game season.

Check it out and have a great weekend!


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