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The ASQ Influential Voices is a global network of bloggers reinforcing the importance of quality from multiple perspectives.

I first started blogging about Lean and quality in late 2011. As I dug into multiple topics – values, activities, tools, applications – I began referencing content and insights from other writers I was following like Mark Graban, Tim McMahon, Nicole Radziwill, and John Priebe.

What I soon realized was that these bloggers would sometimes provide posts in support of this network of writers through the American Society for Quality called the ASQ Influential Voices. From the “blogroll” of the Influential Voices page:

ASQ’s Influential Voices are quality professionals and online influencers who raise the voice of quality on their personal blogs. Based around the world, the Influential Voices are passionate about improvement and other key issues in the quality community. They represent countries such as India, Ecuador, China, Malaysia, Australia, and the United States, and comprise a wide range of industries.

The Influential Voices include ASQ CEO Paul Borawski, who generates discussion on quality topics and trends on his blog, A View from the Q. Paul looks to the global quality community to add to the conversation.

When I was introduced to the other bloggers and read up on the content and topics they cover, I thought it would be great to one day join this group of writers as another voice covering a different industry and with a new viewpoint. (Call it a long-term goal of mine, only with no specific plan of achieving it other than “keep on writing unique content folks want to read.”)

However, after returning from the ASQ World Conference in Indianapolis earlier this month, I was invited by ASQ to join the Influential Voices!

It’s a major honor to partner with these writers who have large followings and have been quality professionals for longer than I have. We all will generate content related to specifically-identified quality topics on a monthly basis, typically in response to the topics initially developed by Paul Borawski. Any of the ASQ Influential Voices responses I provide will generally be tagged with the logo shown above.

I will get started with ASQ Influential Voices content next month, but I may submit my responses to previous topics in other posts as well.


In other news, Memorial Day is a special holiday for me as it provides a special focus on my two grandfathers who were both military veterans. I don’t know much about their specific service as it was not generally a topic we spent time discussing but while I was very fortunate to have met my grandfathers after they survived and completed their service obligations there are many other families who are not as fortunate to have their service members return home.

Simply saying “Thank you for your service” to all service men and women does not begin to cover my sincere gratitude for their sacrifices over the last two centuries. They’ve put their lives on the line like I’ve never had to, and no words I say can make up for that. My hat is off to all of you.

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6 Responses to “Lean Blitz Joins the ASQ Influential Voices”

  1. Tim McMahon says:

    Thanks Chad. Welcome and Good Luck.

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