Mobile Beer Vendors Cut Customer Wait Times At Sporting Events

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Russell Watkins of Sempai Lean Consulting in the UK posted a great photo on Twitter this weekend from a soccer (okay, futbol) game he attended:


How cool is that? Mobile draft beer vendors at games!

It’s a novel concept, but why is it a good idea and why might it not be?

– As Russell indicated, by bringing the beer to the patrons wait time for drinks is significantly lower for customers. Potentially, no more long waits in lines at one concession stand.

– Customers might not have to leave their seats in order to get refreshments, so it saves them effort walking and perhaps missing some of the game.

– While not a big beer aficionado myself, it is believed that freshly poured draft beer is preferred over bottled beer or canned beer. Many stadiums have beer vendors with cans walking through the aisles but a lower-weight Camelbak-style backpack with a keg.

– On the other hand, transportation of the keg by vendors could have a lot of strain on one’s back. Also, the transportation prevented for the customer is then transferred to the vendor.

Overall, emphasis on the customer experience is paramount, and any way a team can simplify the purchasing of beer while minimizing the impact on the team’s workers is a good plan to consider.

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