Defects and the 404 Page

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Last week at the TEDxColumbiaSC event we got to watch the TED Talk video from Renny Gleeson on web sites’ 404 pages.

This video got me thinking, as both a blogger and service offering. Every time web users run into a 404 page there’s a defect in completing the process or providing a product or service. Defects are bad because they waste time and resources, and those are things I look to prevent. High defects means poor quality.

However, whenever a visitor would run into a bad link on the Lean Blitz blog, what would they see?

Old Lean Blitz 404

This. Yuck. No information, no guidance, no place to provide feedback. Certainly a lost opportunity to identify a mistake and get it corrected.

So with the guidance of Renny’s TED talk, here’s what a visitor will see when they come across a bad connection:

New Lean Blitz 404Better? A crafty picture, an apology, some questions that could address root cause, and a feedback method. Wanna see it yourself? Click this link.

Will there be opportunities to improve on the page? Yes, probably.It’s not nearly as creative as other pages I’ve seen but it’s a start and hopefully lets users know that we want to do a better job.

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2 Responses to “Defects and the 404 Page”

  1. Mark Graban says:

    I like it. I have a similar 404 page, but yours is better. will bring it up 🙂

    .404 would be a GREAT batting average.

    Your post prompted me to look for the origin of “404” – it’s funny, it has to do with the number of a physical room.

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