The Holiday Season, Post Updates and a Blog Carnival Shout-Out

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Ahh, the holiday season is fully enveloping us. Everybody be happy and peaceful to one another during this stressful time of shopping, traveling, seasonal obligations (like choral activities where folks dress like elves), and seeing loved ones from parts unknown.

Today I’m sharing a number of updates on previous blog posts, recollections of holiday blog posts, and a pretty sweet shout-out.

– From last December, here is what Santa Claus can teach us about Lean and an excess inventory example using Christmas cards. Of course, who can forget about Festivus?

– I really hate that I had to miss the Baseball Winter Meetings and the Trade Show this year in Nashville. I had a great time with it in Dallas last year but the trade show business model permitted by the organizers does not jive with my business model (which is less about booths and more about in-person presentation and discussion with team representatives).

Because I am not a team representative, player, agent, member of the media, or a business entity permitted to represent a professional baseball organization, I would only be allowed to attend if I purchased booth space at the Trade Show. From this perspective, baseball is very closed off except to a select group. This has its drawbacks but also its benefits – it keeps the unnecessary riffraff out. (Maybe I’m riffraff?)

– As I had indicated in this article, the Miami Marlins made a huge splash at last year’s Baseball Winter Meetings with a ton of free agent signings, and then this year the team blows it all up and trades away all of their high-priced talent in what amounts to a scam on not only the players involved but also the city’s residents footing the bill for the new stadium. What I didn’t realize is that the size of this year’s trade with the Toronto Blue Jays required significant scrutiny by Commissioner Bud Selig. However, he allowed the trade to go through.

– I had a couple of posts leading up to November’s nationwide election – one about the lack of root cause analysis in politics as well as a shared video about an electronic voting machine gaffe. Obviously the voting machine issue did not have a significant impact on the election as the incumbent Democratic nominee was the election’s victor.

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– I shared an analysis about the long lead times Texas A&M was experiencing because of overseas manufacturing of Johnny Manziel football jerseys, and how by not having them available meant the school was leaving money on the table during his surge in popularity. His popularity continues to surge now that he’s won the Heisman Trophy, presented to the player “whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.” (Pre-season mischief calls into question Johnny Football’s “integrity” but that’s an argument to be had another day with regard to the voting process.)

– Remember the NFL’s replacement referees? (If not, you can go here and here for a quick refresher.) Well the real referees are back, presumably because of the chaos that ensued after this Monday Night Football game since the refs were back the following weekend.

– After posting my article about using Kaizen in my adult kickball league, a friend requested that I indicate whether my team won the league championship. Fair enough. No, we lost our next game to the team for whom this requesting friend played. In fact, his team featured that very same Stefon as their pitcher! He was just as effective as always and shut us down, and their team won the league championship. To my requesting friend – you’re welcome.

– Every winter John Hunter of the Curious Cat Management Blog holds his Blog Carnival Annual Roundup, featuring blog reviews by other continuous improvement bloggers. I had the honor of having the Lean Blitz blog reviewed by Matt Wrye of the Beyond Lean blog. Thanks for the review and shout-outs Matt! I really appreciate the kudos on select blog posts and hopefully next year I will be able to participate with this roundup by reviewing other up-and-coming blogs.

Okay, if you’ve read this far you must really like Lean Blitz. If so, give Lean Blitz a follow on Facebook or Twitter and feel free to add me (Chad) on LinkedIn (if you haven’t done any of these things already).

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  1. Matt Wrye says:

    Great blog, Chad. Keep up the great work in 2013. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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