Sprinklers Spring Up During NFL Game

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A couple weekends ago at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, the Seattle Seahawks were battling the Miami Dolphins in a hard-fought one-score game…when this happened.


Many stadiums (if not ALL major sports stadiums) have implemented automatic field watering/sprinkler systems, and (if  this Buffalo Wild Wings commercial is to be believed) these systems are quite often computer-managed or electronically controlled.

So if this is the case at Sun Life Stadium, why did the sprinklers turn on at the absolute worst time? What process breakdown or technology glitch allowed the sprinklers to kick on? Was there a manual input (such as pushing a button) that was inadvertently activated?

One of the projects I’m working on is with a process that currently has many manual inputs, requiring multiple individuals to consciously remember to complete steps. Our ideal objective is to optimize this process with automatic error-proofed steps where minimal inputs produce a multitude of outputs with little chance for process breakdown. It might require some systems integration, it may also require technology upgrades, but it will also help minimize the occurrences of process breakdowns.

Perhaps Sun Life Stadium could use a review of their sprinkler systems technology too.

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One Response to “Sprinklers Spring Up During NFL Game”

  1. Marty says:

    Hey Chad,

    Where error-proof or automation is not possible, I have used a checklist approach to make sure steps are completed. I have found that http://www.asana.com is a good way for teams to do complicated processes where there are many manual improvements from multiple people. It helps us keep everything together. . .

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