Kanban in a Veterinary Office

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Vet Veterinary Office Animal Doctor Kanban Treats Pill Pockets Lean Blitz Consulting

A couple weeks ago I brought my French bulldog to his veterinarian because he was sick. After he was treated and given a prescription, I noticed that the office had implemented a small Kanban system for their selection of treats and Pill Pockets.

Vet Veterinary Office Animal Doctor Kanban Treats Pill Pockets Lean Blitz Consulting

The bags were arranged in an organized fashion so as to show off the full product offering for those human customers who might be tempted to splurge on last-second items for their fur children. (Rooster takes his medications and pills well, so he doesn’t need Pill Pockets.)

However, some of the bags had Kanban tags that instructed the veterinary assistants to reorder supplies when the quantities fell to a certain level. I presume that the assistants check the inventories daily and make a note of what must be reordered, after which they place the order.

Kanban principles (as well as “pull systems”) help organizations with keeping inventories low by restocking only what is consumed by customers. Instead of stocking lots and lots of bags of Pill Pockets (food-based product that most likely has an expiration date) in the back of the office, the assistants only restock what is taken away.

Less time worrying about inventory means more time focused on providing patient care for my pup. I’m on board.

(Shameless plug: My French bulldog Rooster is a rescued pup from the wonderful group known as the French Bulldog Rescue Network. If you are looking to adopt a new dog, don’t go to a pet store or a commercial breeder that could be under the employ of illegal puppy mills. Go through a humane society, animal shelter, or a rescue network who aren’t for profit. Shelters are overcrowded and need your help, plus those dogs will love you more than you’ll ever know.)

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