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As per my usual, there were some pretty cool things from 2012 that I inadvertently left out!

First, I wrote an early year post about SMART goals. One of those SMART goals is to reduce my “stuff” by greater than 500 pounds throughout the year. This could be clothes, furniture, paperwork, or any other things that I’ve been toting around that I could probably ditch. I achieved my “goal” early on in the year as I relocated from Ohio to Georgia, but I’ve also not provided myself a viable measuring system nor a method for tracking. When I share my upcoming post about SMART goals I will use this as an example of why measuring and tracking systems are important.

poka yoke helmet quickmeme lean meme

I submitted lots of entries for Mark Graban’s site, merging the whole humorous “meme” craze with Lean concepts. Here are a few of them.

The following are the posts with highest traffic from the past year (and then some):

The Big Oops With the Barclays Center
NFL Draft – Players Names on Jerseys
Case Study – University of Notre Dame Football Locker Room “Deep Clean”
Target Audience – Part One
Toyota Way Principle #10 – Develop Exceptional People and Teams
Long Lead Times on Johnny Football Texas A&M Jerseys
What Moneyball Can Teach Us About Lean
2012 Summer Olympics: Jordyn Wieber and “Dumb, Stupid Rules”
Lean Tools: 5S, Sustain, and Crowning a Champion
The Importance of Competence in Lean Leadership

Again…I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of stuff out. We’ll see you on the other side – Happy New Year everyone!

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