Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 2012 is the one-year anniversary of Lean Blitz. Kicked off in Ohio and relocated to Augusta, Georgia, there is a lot for which to be thankful over the last 12 months. So Happy Thanksgiving!

It was my intent to share a heartfelt line of thanks for everyone who has made this journey possible – family, those who have taken a chance on this venture, folks with open minds who can see the connection between Lean and principles of the Toyota Production System to small business and sports organization applications, those who have provided support and motivation – and I’d never have made it this far without your assistance. As with traditional industry, there remains a challenge in altering the paradigms of those who can benefit from it the most.

However, what I have found is that many blogs have taken this line of thinking on Thanksgiving as well (here, here, and here) and have done a wonderful job.

So what I will share with you is a message of gratitude for reading and listening, a wish of happiness and good health to all across the globe, especially those of you in the military overseas who have to spend this wonderful holiday away from loved ones.

Also, some Lean turkey.

Thank you and have a great holiday!

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