Defective Voting Machines During 2012 Election

Posted on November 7, 2012 | in Defects, Error-Proofing, Lean Tools, Lean Wastes | by

Yesterday a video was posted online of someone trying to use the electronic voting booth machine with some potential unintended consequences.

Defective voting machines!!

That could be a big problem. Of course, with this video being shared many Barack Obama sympathizers were crying conspiracy because of Mitt Romney’s affiliation and friendship with associates who own and operate companies that manufacture voting booth machines (and sabotaged some to be defective voting machines), and Mitt Romney sympathizers were up in arms with “Oh boy, here come the Obama conspiracy theorists.”

Whether this was a single occurrence or was widespread, or even if there were defective voting machines that went the other way (click “Romney” and get “Obama”) it’s still a defective operation.

The importance of PDCA in technology implementation

This is why deployment of technology that is supposedly going to make process completion easier and with fewer defects needs to be fully tested so that any such occurrences can be eradicated or minimized, and if occurrences do pop up they can be easily alleviated (maybe the calibration of the touch screen was a little off, as a Facebook friend of mine in IT indicated). Use PDCA (or PDSA), which is Plan-Do-Check-Act (or -Study-Adjust), when preparing for implementation of technology in such a critical point with lasting effects.

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One Response to “Defective Voting Machines During 2012 Election”

  1. Mark Graban says:

    Voters really deserve voting technology that works. We’re so in love with technology, but I’m not sure all of this new voting technology is really better, more accurate, more secure, more secret, etc. The Lean view on technology is to use only tried and tested technology that supports your people and your processes. I’m not sure all of this fancy voting tech passes that test.

    I sound like a curmudgeon.

    We also need better planning to keep voting lines to a minimum! So much room for kaizen…

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