Articles After a Long Layoff

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I concede that my lack of sharing new information over the last couple of weeks has allowed for a slight mental decompression – there have been a lot of new activities going on that has prevented creation of new ideas and concepts for examination. I’d hardly call this layoff a vacation but at least I’ve had the opportunity to travel.

That being said, let’s move forward with recharged mental batteries. Here are some interesting things I’ve seen, read, or written recently.

– Frequent commenter and Lean super blogger Mark Graban of (and!) recently had a series of guest post submissions for his vacation away from his blog. In addition, he contributed a great piece about the power of Kaizen in healthcare but his ideas can certainly be applied in all industries as well.

– I was fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute a guest blog post on networking (with a non-traditional viewpoint) for my pal Christina Kach on her upstart blog for young professionals called Catch Careers.

– I did not get a photo, but last week I made a trip to a local Starbucks and found that their self-service coffee creamer vessels had identification labels on the side, 90 degrees from the spout. We’re halfway there, folks.

– Lifehacker shared a link to a great collection of super simple “life hacks” that can make life a little simpler when implemented. They do great work there, and I highly encourage folks to check it out. One of the hacks identified in the site is one I had previously implemented, and I’m glad they captured it as well:

velcro remote control coffee table lifehacker lean blitz consulting

РThe 5K race series known as Color Me Rad held a session in Columbia, South Carolina this past weekend. This is the race I referenced here. Each race session supports a non-profit charitable organization and the Columbia event rallied around a local charity called Happy Wheels that provides toys and happiness to hospitalized children. Please check them out!

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