Lean Oops!: Slightly Political Edition

Posted on September 22, 2012 | in Cars, Error-Proofing, Lean Oops, Lean Tools, Maintenance, Small Business | by

As is a theme that I hope continues, here are some more Lean Oops! scenarios courtesy of contributors to Reddit.

lean oops water fountain overspray you had one job lean blitz consulting

Seems like a simple fix, right?

lean oops debt collector reddit lean blitz consulting

You’d think that debt collecting agencies would make it as easy as possible for debtors to communicate and figure out plans to pay up, right?

oops printer install lean blitz consulting epson

Yyyyyyyno. Wouldn’t this test page indicate you printed it correctly and thusly poka-yoked the printing process? Poka-yoke fail.

oops parking lot lean blitz consulting reddit

It’s one major accomplishment to take a little car over a parking bumper, but to roll over the back side of the bumper? FYI, I refuse to comment on where this occurred.

oops toy machine fire fighter fireman lean blitz consulting

I feel like I’ve seen this occur before. Happens once? Oops on the family. Happens multiple times? Oops on the machine manufacturer.

oops romney obama mitt barack lean blitz consulting buttons politics made in china usa united states outsourced production

Look, I’m not one who likes to deal with politics (let alone spout off about them) but this is disturbing.

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