Entries from the Lean Memes Contest

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Hey Fonzie, how do you implement improvements?

Lean consultant, author, and notable public speaker Mark Graban of LeanBlog.org has started a web collection of Lean-related memes at Lean Memes. He’s hosting a contest for his readers to submit the funniest Lean meme and he’s already had some doozies submitted.

I’m participating in the contest as well, and here are a few of my entries (you’ll have to check the Lean Memes site for entries of other participants and my other entries).

high expectations asian father lean blitz consulting six sigma seven lean meme mark graban

High Expectations Asian Father on Continuous Improvement

first world problems meme suggestion box lost key lean blitz consulting mark graban

First World Employee Empowerment Problems

Sidenote: Mark did a stellar webinar on better methods for collecting employee ideas than the employee suggestion box recently.

Lame Pun Raccoon on Kaizen Events lean blitz consulting meme mark graban cousin

Lame Pun Raccoon on Kaizen Events

Batman utility belt meme lean blitz consulting mark graban point of use storage batman christian bale

Batman’s utility belt is Lean.

creepy little girl meme building fire 5s safety low priority lean blitz consulting lean meme mark graban

Be proactive, not reactive…or else.

hyperbole half allie brosh clean all the things meme shine 5s lean blitz consulting meme mark graban leanblog

After Sort and Set-In-Order, of course.


overly attached girlfriend poka-yoke phone lean blitz consulting mark graban meme contest

Girls may call me, but I won’t mistakenly call them ever again.

lean six sigma priest bar eel meme jidoka lean blitz consulting leanblog mark graban


“Jidoka” means automation with human-like capabilities to stop manufacturing lines (either manually or mechanically) when detecting bad production and alerting operators.

dating site murderer vsm value stream mapping meme lean blitz consulting mark graban chad walters

Killing them with continuous improvement, I see.

dating site murderer five whys 5 lean blitz consulting mark graban leanblog meme execution

Wow, continuous improvement is creepy. The Five Whys is not, though.

Christina Kach Koala Catch Careers Lean Memes Mark Graban Lean Blitz Consulting

Okay, this one isn’t mine but it’s probably my favorite of everything I’ve seen. It was created by Christina Kach of Catch Careers.

Go see more of them at LeanMemes.com! There are so many other great ones from others. Good stuff.

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