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So from time to time I check out reddit.com, the “Front Page of the Internet.” A community of readers and commenters post interesting (and mostly funny) things they find around the internet.

Here are a few doozy pictures I’ve encountered of situations that are not only problematic but also indicative of processes that are less than optimized.

There I Fixed It Soap Dispenser Bathroom Tape Lean Blitz Consulting

It looks like someone needs training in how to refill the soap dispenser.

Here’s the problem with temporary fixes like this. In order to properly get the situation back to the optimal basic condition, you have to completely undo all the work in taping the bottle to the dispenser. Doing it right the first time not only saves time but also prevents functional eyesores like this.

USPS Postal Service United States Convenience Postage Moved Lean Blitz consuting

Convenient, indeed.

I’m really not sure how complete removal of a postage vending machine indicates convenience, unless it was stationed directly in front of the doors.

Allen Wrench Allan Wendy's Salad Lean Blitz Consulting imgur reddit

It’s hard, but I don’t think it’s a crouton.

Kinda like finding needles in sandwiches on airplane flights, it’s hard to understand how an Allen wrench got into a salad.

More “fixes” can be found at There I Fixed It, as part of the FailBlog¬†and Cheezburger Inc networks.

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