Lean Oops!: More Internet Images!

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With as much content that can be found at Reddit.com and ThereIFixedIt.com, this might have to become a regular weekend feature.

duct tape airplane wing lean blitz consulting there i fixed it thereifixedit.com oops

Yeah, that’s not scary at all.

I hope duct tape isn’t a commonly-used repair tool in aircraft hangars.

oil field problem solving chart process flow map lean blitz consulting blame game

I wish this was less true than it probably is.

Handicapped parking spot painting error thereifixedit lean blitz consulting oops imgur

I’m really not sure who qualifies to park here.

pull vigor broken handle imgur lean blitz consulting reddit thereifixedit

Did the Incredible Hulk pull with vigor?

And finally, my favorite one…

poka yoke error proofing light fan chain switch lean blitz consulting imgur reddit

It’s not exactly error-proofed – you can still pull the wrong chain – but it certainly helps!


Also, a side note and a plug: Mark Graban of LeanBlog.org has started a website of hilarious Lean-related memes – check out http://www.leanmemes.com and prepare to laugh! I’ve submitted a few, but this one is probably my favorite.

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