A Link from ESPN, a Contribution, and Guest Post That Ruffled Some Feathers

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In the last few weeks I’ve been fortunate to provide contributions to some notable blogs and outlets.

First, my analysis of the Major League Baseball pace-of-game regulations was shared by David Schoenfield, ESPN’s SweetSpot blogger in his own links post. Thanks David!

Next, I attended the South Atlantic League Home Run Derby in Charleston, where sluggers were launching home runs off the deck of the USS Yorktown. Ben Hill of MLB.com and his Ben’s Biz Blog covering Minor League Baseball happenings penned an article about the goings-on (along with his own unique brand of humor) and used my photographs and information.

Lastly, but certainly the most entertaining, I shared a blog post with Lean consultant and expert Mark Graban of LeanBlog.org about the explosion of offense in this year’s summer collegiate wood bat leagues, most likely caused by a change in the manufacturing process of the baseballs used by each league. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, except Major League Baseball teams use these leagues for scouting potential draftees and future professionals. Because of the anomalous statistical boom this season, scouting based on those statistics is essentially unreliable (MLB’s stance).

Why is this the most entertaining? Well, the post was picked up by the baseball analysts at Baseball Think Factory (by an analyst who disagreed with my conclusion about the usefulness of the statistics) and the baseball statistical analysts at InsideTheBook.com. While it’s not my intent to ruffle feathers and cause disagreements (especially disagreements with my conclusions) I’m pleased to see that other individuals find the matters important enough to warrant further discussion and bring attention to quality issues no matter what industry.

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