2012 Summer Olympics: Graphics Gaffe

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This is a shot of an NBC broadcast during the Olympics. I located this image as I was perusing the internet this weekend for Olympics coverage.

For NBC to get four of the five flags mismatched with the wrong countries in a graphic is stunning. I don’t recall when this graphic was aired but I’m guessing there was some sort of coding error in the production system or with the producers themselves matching flags with countries.

(I’d like to say that NBC had five hours to get the finer details right, but I can’t confirm that to be the case here without all the facts.)

I don’t recall seeing any other production issues similar to the flags with NBC’s coverage, so this incident could have been a one-time problem. However, that being the case, if the system worked every other time why did it fail this time? Was information connecting the flags and country names input manually? Was something else in the system changed that caused issues to occur downstream?

Certainly this wasn’t the first time during the Olympics the wrong flag was used in a graphic.

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