Worst Case Scenario for All-You-Can-Eat Events

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Making excess food in advance – what could possibly go wrong?

I have a more in-depth analysis of this type of event coming later, but a worst-case scenario has come to light today.

The Augusta GreenJackets minor league team have introduced an all-you-can-eat promotion for this season called Feed Your Face Monday. The team will select a menu of concessions items for each FYFM that are all-you-can-eat from the time the gates open until the end of the sixth inning. They post the menu for each FYFM on the team website the morning of the game.

Now what I will share in the in-depth analysis of a previous FYFM event later is that the team makes a lot of the food well in advance of the gates opening. They are under the impression that cooking a bunch of concessions items at once in preparation for unclear demand is the right thing to do, to prevent folks from having to wait so long to get food. They have, in the past, posted photos of the food on the team Facebook page to try to drum up interest in coming out for the FYFM event.

While there are drawbacks to this practice, I’m bringing up the worst-case scenario for it since it happened tonight – a rainout. Persistent rains between last night and this morning plus an inconsistent gametime forecast forced the postponement of the game.

From a supply and demand standpoint, a rainout takes the demand for your concessions from a questionable quantity to a certain zero.

Based on the prior practices of the GreenJackets, they likely made some food in advance for this game, so their inventory was somewhat stocked and ready for a potential patron bombardment…but now all of that food goes to waste.

(Note – I do not know if the team prepared food early today, so I won’t assume they did but it isn’t a stretch to think they could have since they have done this before.)

So what can the GreenJackets do to prevent this? With an assumed early demand for concessions items (maybe enough to get you through the first hour the gates are open) and standardized cooking processes (which include cooking times and capacities) the team certainly could be prepared to handle a rush of patrons and not have to make so much food in advance.

Implementing some process optimization strategies and waste reduction initiatives could make this event go off without much of a hitch.

(photo from The Food Pornographer)

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