The Masters: Temporary Structures

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Welcome to the Lean Blitz blog coverage of The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club!

Instead of analyzing the actual golf tournament being played on the links, we’ll instead be looking at some unique operational concepts used by the different departments within the club itself. No updates on Tiger, Phil, Rory, or anything else here.

Let’s kick it off with the use of temporary structures on the course to facilitate communication and to service the fans. For 50 weeks of the year, Augusta National features very few on-course structures. The reason for this is the members want to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the site and it’s unnecessary for the course to accommodate 300,000 patrons during this time.

However, during the 2-3 week peak season from late March to early April it becomes VERY necessary to add some new temporary facilities because of those 300,000 patrons marching through the gates.


camera towers and observation towers…

tournament leaderboards…

concessions buildings…

souvenir shops…


and customer feedback kiosks all over the course grounds are disassembled (to what degree I am unsure) and put into storage for re-use the following year.

With The Masters being the pre-eminent golf tournament in the world and the members of Augusta National Golf Club having very deep pockets, ANGC is committed to preserving the flawless sightlines, gorgeous natural scenery, and a perfect club existence, it is a high priority of the club to not only provide top-of-the-line facilities for patrons visiting for tournament play but also make it easy to return to the standard viewing/playing condition once the tournament has concluded.

As a result, these state-of-the art structures not only enhance the patron experience but their disassembly and storability help preserve the natural state preferred by the yearly members. The club hires a significant temporary staff of contractors and volunteers to help with the setup and teardown of the facilities when they are no longer needed.

(If I can learn more about the teardown process and storage procedures I will certainly share.)

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