Time for a Lean Blitz Update!

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There are a few updates on some previous posts that should be shared.

  • Remember Linsanity? Part of the reason Jeremy Lin got the opportunity to start for the New York Knicks (and shine!) is because Carmelo Anthony was out with an injury. The Knicks were a well-oiled machine, with Jeremy Lin the perfect table-setter. Well, when Carmelo returned it was the equivalent of introducing a new person to a process – re-acclimation to the system, learning how to work with one another, process changes occurring – and the Knicks sputtered, including going through a six-game losing streak.
  • Mark Graban at LeanBlog.org started a website dedicated to lean memes, including one referring to the Disney movie John Carter and how it has become a flop (sad to say).
  • I have had a serious drought of posts the last few weeks. The reason for this is that I was traveling down south…and then I moved down south. Lean Blitz has relocated to Augusta, Georgia! Say, does anyone know of any sporting events coming up in the area? I will have a blog post soon about moving (and the gigantic sort that occurred) and about said local sporting event (if all goes according to plan).
  • Also, huge shout-out to the Indiana University men’s basketball team for making it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament this season. After three really difficult years of transition from a phone call scandal that left the program in shambles, coach Tom Crean has rebuilt the Hoosiers program essentially from scratch and has demonstrated how persevering and sticking with a plan despite the hardships can really pay off – the Hoosiers knocked off three top-five ranked teams, including the juggernaut at the University of Kentucky (my pick to win the whole tournament). Hats off to them and “The Movement.” And yes, there will be a blog post on Tom Crean, sticking to the long-term plan despite short-term pain, and achieving buy-in.
  • I am in the process of organizing a short e-book on an introduction to lean that is geared toward folks not familiar with the concept. More on that later.
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