Lean Tools: What Does Sort Look Like at a Stadium Office?

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(See previous installments about 5S here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. This is a continuation of deeper dives into the lean tools.)

Remember, the definition of sort is the separation of what is and is NOT needed in an area and the removal of that which is not needed. Items removed include equipment, tools, finished goods inventory, raw materials, any items that are no longer functional, and scrap/trash. Once items have been removed from the area, those items should be taken to either other areas where they are needed, recycled, resold, or discarded.

Well, okay, so how does that work with a stadium?

Let’s start with the office. Take the time to sort through paperwork on desks and figure out what actually needs kept. Do records need to be stored? What about information that wouldn’t be useful for over a year? Junk mail? Pitch it. Also sort through office supplies. Take everything extra back to the office supply storage or, if everyone is sorting at the same time, pool all the office supplies and take back only what each desk needs. Old outdated sales documentation needs to go. Old team schedules and literature should go as well. It’s long outlived its usefulness aside from recycling.

(Everything that’s left over – only what is needed immediately – will be re-organized and properly placed in the next step, set-in-order.)

Also look in corners, on shelves, in bookcases and work terminals, in closets, under unused or central desks, and from top to bottom in the offices for tools, supplies, computer wires and peripherals, trash, etc. Be diligent and disciplined to remove what is not immediately needed!

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