Lean Oops: Soda Can Vending Machines

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Some styles of drink vending machines don’t just use buttons with logos – they incorporate representations of the actual product being vended. In the above case, it’s not really a representation as much as a model of what you’re actually going to receive from the slot below.

Well hopefully no one orders the grape Fanta – a damaged, crushed can is not my idea of a refreshing beverage, let alone one I want to pay 75 cents to receive.

If you came across this vending machine and saw that damaged can, what would you think about the location where the machine sits or the owner of the machine? Might you consider them to have little regard for the details or customer service?

I certainly would. That window is supposed to serve as a marketing tool (“Ahh, that purple can looks like it contains a tasty beverage I’d like to try.”) and that can does everything but help.

Now, let’s look at the same machine, only a different row of beverages from which to select.

Pretty much the same thing. Through either excessive heating or excessive cooling (or both) somehow this can of Diet Coke in the display has gotten so pressurized that the top has nearly blown off. (That Coca-Cola can adjacent to it appears to be suffering from the same affliction.)

If you see a problem like this, fix it. It takes very little time to rectify this visual anomaly. I can tell you for a fact that these cans were not a single-day occurrence. They had been in place for months.

Don’t let this type of eyesore detract from your mission of providing a viable experience – pay attention to the details.

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