Lean Tools: 5S, Sort, and Make the Clutter Stop!

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So we covered Sort in yesterday’s post but because it’s the first step in 5S we need to make sure we do it right and leave no stone unturned. We must verify that we’ve considered every nook and cranny that exists in the work cell that might be hosting unneeded items.

With the assistance of iSixSigma.com, let’s create a list of places we should be looking for items!

Concession Stands:

  • Under tables and counters
  • Behind equipment
  • Inside cabinets
  • On wall shelves and cabinet shelves
  • Inside equipment and refrigerators
  • Near and around cooking surfaces
  • Inside closets
  • Above and on top of equipment and refrigerators
  • Inside raw materials storage areas

Ticket Office:

  • Under work surfaces and tables
  • Under and behind desks
  • Inside desk and counter drawers
  • Inside closets
  • On shelves
  • Inside and under cabinets and bureaus
  • Behind computer terminals
  • Around baseboards of walls
  • In corners and on walls
  • Above desks and closet/cabinet shelves

Maintenance Sheds:

  • In workspace drawers
  • On and above shelves
  • Behind and under equipment
  • Around base of wall outside of shed
  • Around base of wall inside of shed
  • Inside cabinets
  • Behind old, unused equipment
  • Unsorted boxes for tools and hardware


  • Under bathroom sinks
  • In and around lockers
  • Along edges of walls
  • In cabinets
  • Under tables and benches
  • Around doors and stairwells
  • Above cabinets
  • On shelves
  • Behind equipment
  • Above lockers

These lists are unordered and every location is different, but this is a start. Inquire about every item within the work cell, check top to bottom and left to right to make sure nothing is left behind, and be realistic and honest in your analysis.

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