Lean Oops! O’Hare Parking Lot Exit

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(I wouldn’t normally post a photo so large, but this is the only way to see the anomaly.)

So when I returned to O’Hare Airport in Chicago after the Baseball Winter Meetings, I was greeted with this “There I Fixed It” upon exiting the parking lot.

This is a license plate camera that is strung up on a rigid pole using lots of electrical tape. The camera feeds the license plate image to the booth operator so he can record the license plate numbers of paying patrons.

The pole appears to be far enough away from a car door and guarded by the large yellow barrier so that it’s protected from being hit by a car, so what likely happened is that the bracket originally put in place rusted or was mangled in some other way but has yet to be replaced.

Why is this a problem? It’s a “band-aid” fix at best, a temporary repair that will likely deteriorate in the environmental conditions that one normally experiences in early winter in Chicago. This tape would probably have to be replaced, adjusted, or reset every few days if not every day.

Instead of taking time to roll out electrical tape to temporarily hold the camera in place, take a little more time and elbow grease just one time by installing a rigid bracket to hold the camera properly.

The electrical tape in this image appears to be new and clean so either the tape was just put in place (if the camera just recently came off) or had been replaced (if the bracket has been gone for some time). Either way, a proper fix prevents having to fuss with temporary, simple and cheap fixes.

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