S.M.A.R.T. Goal Example #2: Save Teams Over $1M in 2012

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(This is the second in a series about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and the benefits they provide.)

So this S.M.A.R.T. goal is less an example and more about the actual mission of Lean Blitz. We want to show sports organizations and small businesses how reducing wastes can help them save time and money.

Let’s go through the who, what, when, where, why, and how of this goal.

Who: Sports organizations (teams/manufacturers) that read and apply lean methodologies illustrated by Lean Blitz
What: $1M improvement through cost savings, time savings, reallocation of resources to make things better
When: Through the end of 2012
Where: At the locations of application (ticket office, stadium, concession stand, manufacturing floor, front offices)
Why: Because we all want to be more efficient and not as wasteful
How: Application of illustrations and teachings of waste reduction methodologies by Lean Blitz

The big question is going to be “What is a $1M improvement through cost savings, time savings, and reallocation of resources?”

You might find cost savings through better food management/inventory/ordering for concession stands.
You could cut costs by reducing inventory of excess team schedules and high-cost printing that doesn’t get used.
You could reduce walking/waiting/transportation/inventory in concession stands and reduce the need of one operator in each stand, but then use that operator somewhere else – stadium maintenance, walking vendor, 50/50 raffle ticket sales, etc.
You could cut utility costs.
You could complete more capital projects/maintenance projects in the stadium before the season starts.
You could reduce computer downtime in the offices.
You could open up new revenue streams and places for sponsorship.
You might have the opportunity to have your current staffing levels produce more.
Maybe lean will help you improve the customer experience.
Perhaps the stadium can be kept cleaner.
What if you never had to hang another “out of order” sign in the bathrooms?
What if you kept on hand only what was needed and didn’t waste money on what you don’t?

This is just a start of where teams can see big benefits. The question I have for you is “how much of that $1M improvement do you want to call your own?”

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