Evansville’s Ford Center: 3 Events in 24 Hours

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The Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana held three different sporting events in a 24-hour period: monster truck rally, University of Evansville Lady Aces basketball game, and Evansville IceMen hockey game back on January 7-8, 2012. This is a really cool time-lapse video of the arena conversions.

While such rapid conversions are infrequent, it takes quite the production (and a lot of resources) to handle such events. While I was with the South Bend Silver Hawks we had to convert from a game to an open-field concert then back to game conditions over a 48-hour period but nothing as dramatic as this. Impressive work by the folks at Evansville’s Ford Center.

So with an eye for waste reduction, imagine how much excess waste had to be removed in order to make such changes to the arena so rapidly! Also, the time-lapse footage (24 hours condensed into 3+ minutes) makes it hard but are there other opportunities to reduce waste in the process?

(Hat tip to Don Muret at Sports Business Journal for sharing via Twitter, and the International Association of Venue Managers for posting the video first.)

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