Grocery Shopping – Know What You Need BEFORE You Leave

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This idea may seem like a really obvious tip, but how often have you returned from grocery shopping only to find there were items you forgot to buy for that goulash that you need RIGHT NOW?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve done this many times too, as has pretty much everyone.

So what are some really easy ways to prevent this from happening?

You must know:
– What you need for your recipe (or recipes if planning multiple dishes), and how much of each you’ll need
– How much of each ingredient you have on hand

To know what ingredients you’ll require, use recipe cards. It’s the easiest way to pass recipes from one person to another. We often try to mentally recall what ingredients are required for some meals, but for complex multi-ingredient recipes we often leave one or two items out. Writing this information down means it’s always available and transferable. Not only that, we also try to remember how much of each item we need. Unless you’ve made the dish many times, you’re likely gonna be a little off with your memory.

The simplest way to know how much of each ingredient you have on hand is to take everything you’d be using out of the cabinets and set it out in order on the recipe card. (You can do this for refrigerator stuff too but you’d then have to put it away before going to the store, so this is up to you.) Compare what you require to what you have, and note the difference on your grocery shopping list.

By comparing what you need to what you have and recording it on your shopping list, you should be able to prevent forgetting to purchase items at the store.

(This post inspired by a friend’s recent Facebook status update – she forgot ingredients and had to return to the grocery store twice.)

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