Baseball Winter Meetings – Prologue Recap

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Greetings from the Baseball Winter Meetings in Dallas!

I arrived on Sunday and I’m certainly glad I came early because so many other folks did too! The Hilton Anatole lobby was packed with reporters, players, job seekers, media types, team representatives, and writers. It’s certainly a very exciting set of dates on the Major League Baseball calendar and I’m glad to have made it here.

I spent a few minutes talking about the state of Michigan with writer Jon Morosi of Fox, then watched as Dan Duquette walked by us, dropped a funny quote about Manny Ramirez, and two minutes later Jon posts it on Twitter. I also met writer Jonah Keri and provided a quick explanation of what Lean can do for a baseball team. I hung around the MLB Network set just to watch the guys go on the air, and met John Kruk after he was leaving the ESPN SportsCenter set. This, of course, does not include the folks that I merely saw but was too scared to go bother (yes, that’s you, Peter Gammons!), which would make this list long.

A nice young gentleman named Manny introduced himself to me by the SportsCenter set, and we talked a little bit about his job hunt. He’s an aspiring athlete agent and came to the Winter Meetings to meet some other folks who might be on both sides of the negotiating table. He also runs a trucking company and handles logistics, so I was a little bit surprised when he hadn’t heard of Lean. Oh well.

And this is where I’ll be attempting to conduct business for the rest of the week. A recap of Baseball Trade Show coming up soon.

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