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Lean Blitz received two shout-outs by Ben Hill of in his coverage of the Baseball Winter Meetings, one more “fun” than the other.

First, he profiled a number of firms that were at the Baseball Trade Show, two of which were Lean Blitz and Game Signs. From the article:

What Is It?: Consultant Chad Walters, who shows teams how to “be more efficient using lean techniques.” This is based on a management philosophy first developed and popularized by Toyota.

Proponents of the lean philosophy work relentlessly to reduce the “Eight Wastes,” which include excesses related to inventory, time and transportation (among other day-to-day business expenses).

He also has a blog where he covers the fun, creative, and promotional side of Minor League Baseball, called Ben’s Biz Blog.  During the Baseball Winter Meetings we took an evening to explore a recommended dining option in Dallas in an adventure he dubbed “Dipquest 2011.” His article and accompanying photographs can be found here.

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