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My name is Chad Walters, and thank you for visiting Lean Blitz Consulting. Lean Blitz is a blog dedicated to showing you, dear reader, how to be more efficient by using lean methodology. Lean concepts can be applied practically anywhere, but Lean Blitz will demonstrate and examine the use of lean concepts in three principal areas:

  • Sports organizations – sports teams, equipment manufacturers, service providers, stadiums, and governing bodies can all benefit from lean.
  • Small business – any business where resources are scarce and efficiency must be optimized, which is basically EVERY business.
  • At home or in one’s personal life – our resources at home are very precious, so being efficient with personal resources is critical as well.
Any individual seeking better ways to do things at work or at home, you’ve come to the right place.
Save time. Do it faster. Do it smarter. Use fewer resources. Serve more customers. Do it better.
There is an opportunity for you to “do it better” knocking at the door. Will you answer it?
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