Target Audience – Part Two

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So who else am I targeting as an audience?

There are lots of little improvement opportunities and Lean applications that can have a big impact at home. What can each of us do with better household organization and planning? Think of some of the ways we can save money at home:

  • Improved monitoring of financial state by scheduling a monthly “bill pay day” with spouse or roommate could prevent overspending, avoid “surprise” overcharges, and prevent missed payments
  • Create a “kitchen kanban” system with minimum/maximum levels of certain stock/staple ingredients so that you never run into a “gee, I don’t know what to make tonight” situation and minimize dining out
  • Maintain a clean house without making it hard to start and finish – determine what needs cleaned in what room and how often, make sure proper cleaning tools and supplies are available, and create a standard cleaning process that follows a simple pattern with little wasted movement (either clean everything as you go around the room one time with every tool/cleaner, or go around multiple times with one tool/cleaner at a time – whatever works best!)
  • Learn basic maintenance techniques on your vehicles (check oil, tire pressure, all fluids, everything recommended in automobile manual) to prevent problems from growing and becoming expensive, and keep necessary tools on hand (pressure gauge, flashlight, proper lighting, manuals)
  • Improved scheduling of regular tasks – dark laundry day, light laundry day, living room cleaning day, grocery shopping day, etc – and sticking to it in order for it to become a habit
  • Have you ever had a computer crash on you, and lose all information on that computer (music, pictures, documentation)? There are ways to prevent losing all of your precious files through backing up all of your data regularly, but also regularly maintaining your computer.
  • Through application of lean tools (time studies, spaghetti diagrams, better planning – more on these later) I was able to cut my morning prep time by 30+ minutes. This became an extra 30 minutes I could sleep in.
Quite honestly, that’s just a start. These ideas can be applicable to home or office. Making things better not only requires a desire, but you also have to have motivation and a plan. Everyone has desire, and it’s easy to make a plan. Once you see how easy it can be to follow through with a plan and then make that plan better, the motivation will be there.
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